Healthy Scepticism Films

View the films we’ve made at the Healthy Scepticism project on topics ranging from helpful mask tutorials to the historical anatomy of the sneeze.

The UTI Documentary (Rita Conry, 2021)

The premiere of HS artist-in-residence Rita Conry’s film which tells the story of people living with acute, current or chronic UTIs, a condition that can be life-altering but is also routinely “disregarded, neglected, brushed over, or spoken about as though it’s a consequence of being female and you just have to live with it; that it’s just a sort of flaw in your physiology.”

The Sneeze (Edmund Bolger, 2021)

Created for BBC Ideas, the Sneeze takes apart the history of the sneeze, as a physical reflex, a cultural event, a medical problem, that helps to clarify why we see it as we do.

BOX (Helmie Stil, 2020)

One family living their normal lives, in a five-sided box during lockdown. This film was made for the HS ‘Healthy Spaces’ project.

The Posh Mums are Boxing in the Square (Helmie Stil, 2021)

A mother reimagined into life and given boxing gloves to fight off cancer. Based on the poem by Wayne Holloway-Smith. This film was made in conjunction with the HS ‘Healthy Spaces’ project.

Mask Tutorials (Geoffrey Rees & Lucas Canino, 2020)

Part of the ‘Mask Me Anything’ collection, these tutorials offer a much-needed primer on doing…just about anything worth doing in a mask.

Father Child (Alasdair Hopwood, 2020)

Part of the ‘Wrong Project’, this ‘self portrait’ is a representation that is ‘wrong’ and yet it communicates something truthful about the artist’s relationship with his father and about their experiences of the pandemic.